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 Prasanna Kumar, a professional photographer based out of Chennai.

Every image on the internet almost looks the same, it is like they have been manufactured following a spec sheet; and then there are memes and fake news.

The visual medium on the internet that we consume is polluted and fleeting.

Rapidly moving images doesn’t leave a trace nor impact

It has made understanding politics, economics and society impossible.

Take notice!

Beyond acting as an evidence of existence, looking at a photograph must be an act of contemplation and an act of resistance against distraction.

Virality is not truth!

Some thing needs to be done!


We must recognise the looming issue at hand and to take a conscious effort to create, to consume and to circulate images responsibly.


Am I part of the problem? Yes!

I have taken that one small step: Through my work, I try hard to create a unique visual idiom; images that are deep, pixels in a quest for truth and colours that reminds me that the nature has more to offer than our human intellect can grasp. So don’t settle for the craze and cliches.

Keep exploring!

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