Books Read 2018

Here are the list of books that i’ve managed to read in 2018. I have also listed my top 7 picks for the year. You’ll also find some data analysis on how my reading was during the year.



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2018 - A Year in Reading.


Total Books Read = 52

Total Pages = 16585  |  Average pages per book = 318 pages  |  Longest Book = 976 pages - The Dream Machine, M. Mitchell Waldrop

Books read per month = 4.3 books 


Fiction Vs Non-Fiction

Fiction Vs. Non-fiction (1).png

Genres of Books

Genre of books.png



Gender(This is a post-hoc analysis, so no conscious bias)

Author gender (1).png


Nationality of Authors.png

Year of first publication

Publishing Year.png

Where did I first got to know the book? The source.

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Most Read Authors

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