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Learning Programming(Python) again.

It's been more than 8 years since I've written code.

It was during the time I was employed as a PHP developer at a design service company.

I've never studied computer science formally; not in school nor at college.

In fact I wrote my first code during the 4 week training program that the company offered for beginners.

It was all overwhelming for me then. The work started off with understanding MVC(model, view and controller), SVN(repository management) and frameworks.

I was always playing the catchup game, figuring out things as and when needed. In retrospect, I understood nothing.

After a year or so, the company had business problems and every one was stressed out at work in delivering the project. Not a good experience for a beginner.

The company shut down and I joined another firm that offered me offer in Digital marketing(I had prior experience) and I just took it with both hands.

In the past 8 years, i've worked in two SaaS product companies, and sort of understood the context and the importance of learing to code.

Learning to code, not for making me look more qualified on the Resume.

To learn to code is a valuable life skill. Just like any other skill, it is in the wielders hands. The possibilities are immense.

Starting(again) with Python.

This time around I want to get the basics correct. Work on small projects on building tools that I could use. Beginning with these books that came highly recommended on HN(hackernews) Wish me luck!

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