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Giving it back


Over the years, there have been a lot of software applications and online communities — open source to be specific — which I’ve benefited from directly by using them for work and indirectly because each one of them stood and are still standing up to something very specific — and that is wonderfully inspiring.

It is only after subscribing to few of the core mailing lists it dawned on me that, help, however small, can help move the movement an inch forward.

As a first step, I’ve decided to contribute $1 every month to the following apps and communities

Please do check your computer: make a list of all the open-source applications that you are using — I emailed this question to few of my friends; On a average they use 4 applications/communities that are on open-source/public domain.

Did you find any application that you can live/work without? Go make a donation. Contribute!

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