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Unbrand yourself

There was this Maxim interview on Matthew McConaughey on being a "McConnaissance" phenomenon.  Half way down the interview there is a question about his bouncing back to super stardom after a 2 year hiatus/becoming nobody/shelved off.

Was there a turning point?
The turning point after two years of anonymity, I think, was Killer Joe.
I didn’t rebrand, I unbranded. I stepped off into the shadows, went back and started a family down in Texas. Mind you, I got nervous during that time. I got anxious. I had some sleepless nights, wondering when the levee was going to break, or if it was even going to break at all. And then I started getting calls from directors. It was like a two-year boomerang that finally came back. All of a sudden William Friedkin calls, Steven Soderbergh calls, Lee Daniels calls, Rick [Richard Linklater] calls.  

The thought of Unbranding oneself is so powerful. This conscious attitude,

  1. Helps you to take a break, amass ample time and think about what you are so passionate about.

  2. The very act of coming out of the comfort zone and thereby violating the established social norm creates a sense of fear and embarrassment that induces you to both intro and retrospect. I think therefore I am.

  3. Unbranding must not be compared with setting up of short and long term goals in life or even your daily meditation schedule, Unbranding is much deeper than that, it's like chiseling yourself (both mind and action) off the unwanted for betterment. It is deeply ingrained and there is no relapse.

Read the whole interview here.

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